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We are currently in planning/alpha state, but work is being done.

This is just a temporary page I will use to put links to documents and partial work. When the project will reach beta stage, you'll probably get a demo of it.

While I write documents, Akeru writes PHP code (the project will be realized in PHP and, if I have the time, ported to JSP).

I'd like some feedback during this planning phase, but since the project is new and people is usually scared of "Planning/Pre-alpha" projects, our idea is to make a working v1.0 with a decent planning.

Then v2.0 will be born from a new planning based on user feedback. :-)

You can find here the links for the current documentation


MainDraft was the first document ever produced


XMLDesign explain how a configuration file is written


And the
WebDesign describe what the project will look like

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